Monday, December 6, 2010

The Secret Is Now Yours, Little Bird.

Ok, well, in all honesty its really no secret at all. My eBay model,strategy, or game plan is very simple. In my very humble noob opinion one does not need to go out there and obtain potentially costly distributor deals with suppliers etc. NO, one must be as swift as a bird (like the really little ones). Your like a bargain hunting bird -eyes panning-soaring and banking-swooping down and feeding off the fat of the land. BE THE BIRD.

We are the little guys remember ? There are advantages to every situation you just have to have open eyes to what they are... My strategy is simple,stand back and let the big guys duke it out. By duke it out I mean "pricematch". Major retailers like Amazon,Walmart and Bestbuy are constantly engaging each other in price making and deal one upmanship. this often results in windows of opportunities where you littlebird can swoop in,grab a few items that have been price matched below retail,and fly away.

There are actually forums dedicated to watching out for and locating the best deals !! These forums are maintained by everyday people like you and I who gain nothing from putting the word out,by nothing I mean they are not affiliated with whatever they are promoting or endorsing. The information you receive is often the straight dope with no spin. My favorite forum is slickdeals but there are many like it. I can't even began to describe all the advantages to lurking on these forums just go and see for yourself,its good stuff, even for a guy of my very short attention span.

I have other strategies but I'm still testing them out,the one I just gave you however is good for public consumption. Execute it and stick to purchasing items that are in demand and trending and you WILL make a little something. Nothing life changing, but its defiantly a hustle worth looking into.

Ok, go now, fly away ...

Stop by and see what I have up for auction this week.

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