Sunday, November 21, 2010

What Attic, What Basement ?

I'm so excited to actually be running and hosting auctions on eBay. Its always been in the back of my mind to make a serious effort at something like eBay or Amazon. Life naturally has had other plans and distractions. Its impossible to get anything done when there is that noise in my brain.

Don't worry I've yet to resort to wearing a tin foil crown over my head - I'm more reffering to the everyday noise we all have to "tune out" in order to focus.  Our everyday dramas that distract us from being 100 percent. To actually sit down in front of a computer and try an make something happen other then play World of Warcraft,E-mail and watch movies - can be extremly difficult. I mean the web isn't exactly as helpful and empowering as everyone makes it out to be. Your milage may vary. Google just sits there waiting for you to interact with it,I mean, you need to know how to fly this thing. Each individual user of the web is responsible for extracting his/her own experience. Each individual according to their talent,creativity,and just plain overall ability.

What I'd like to do with this blog is share with you my ups and downs, even give away what works for me if and when I do find things that work. I have no problem doing this because if you've come this far in reading my rambling you must be at the very least be somewhat interested in me. This flatters me, so since I'm flattered, I have no problems telling you on occasion what works, or sharing with you some of the dumb things I do. Naturally this means I should never ever hold a job with the defense department or any other information sensitive field. I'm to much of a cheap date. On the real though,how many people are going to actually read this ? My guess is something along the lines of 0.0000000016 of the world population will see the secret confessions of my blog.

I actually titled this first post "What Attic,What Basement" the significance being that if you look around the web,or if your up late at night listening to some sort of infomercial your constantly hearing the angle of the stay at home mom ,the retired couple or what not who were able to covert "their junk" into several thousand dollars seemingly overnight by selling it on eBay.

I'm not saying this isn't possible, what I am saying though is that myself personally DOES NOT have an attic or a basement full of junk just waiting to be recycled into any substantial amount of cash.If I sold all my stuff I'd be lucky if I could get a bus ticket out of town,thats about it. Plus do you really want to buy my junk ? I think thats a very risky way to start a business thats gonna either in part sink or swim based on feedback. Sounds like a gamble, and I know a thing or two about gambling.

If you have a few moments do stop in and see what I'm currently auctioning off on eBay by clicking the link just below. I generally try to sell only new items and almost always list at no reserve.

Stop In And Look Around My eBay Store.

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