Thursday, December 30, 2010

My General Sense Of Boredom ...

Hope I'm not in trouble here. I'm doing that thing I do. Its a childlike trait I confess. Like picking up a new toy,shaking it a few times,hurling it against a wall  then hobbling off in a new direction leaving a trail of drool in my wake. 

This is not good. I find that I loose interest in projects insanely fast. First its wonderful and exciting,then its great,on to "O.K." then it becomes sorta emotionless and automatic with bouts of fatigue setting in - at the very last stage I find myself looking for the exit or subconsciously trying to get myself thrown out the exit. 

In the real world people stick it out,people commit. They make something of their time that they can look back on with a sense of accomplishment, from parents to CEO's the good ones stick it out through thick and thin. They dedicate themselves.

I'm really hoping this coming new year sees me more actively exploring my potential,pushing for success both personal and career wise.


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