Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Littered Yesterday, But Thoughtfully...

I was standing on the subway platform yesterday morning, waiting for the number four train to come and take me into Manhattan. It was a crisp cold morning, I was desperate for caffeine so I snagged a Pepsi in my rush to the train station..

I remember appreciating the flavor and kick from the drink,while at the same time freezing my fingers a little grasping the can.The anoucement over the PA informed me that there was a number four Manhattan bound train approaching just one minute away. By now I've wandered to the far end of the platform in a vain attempt to secure a less crowded end car,there isn't a trash can close by and I don't want to hold onto my now empty can of soda.

I noticed a payphone and sitting on top of the payphone was a brown Styrofoam cup, somebody else had been in my exact predicament and they solved the problem by making use of the payphone ledging.

The tracks started to squeal and squeek, I notice the train rounding the bin approaching, I take another glance at that payphone,stroll over and place my empty soda can somewhat next to the coffee. In my minds eye I could already see the city worker with gloves,a broom and dustpan clearing off that payphone.

The train pulled in, the doors opened and as I boarded. I wondered how much exactly does a trash collector for the city make? Maybe I did a good thing, I'm helping to sustain our struggling economy. The city will pay somebody to clean up after me, this individual will in turn provide for his needs including family,bonus if the city recycles. Did I do something wrong .or something insight-fully correct ? Was there a greater good ?

Don't get me wrong, while I'm given to fantasy I'm not given to delusion. Littering is bad and can totally bring down the whole cosmetic appeal of a city/town. However, it was just me, and my little tiny can of Pepsi besides we are talking about New York, I coulda chucked that can boldly across the platform letting it land where ever it choose,nobody would have done a thing. I really could have been a bad ass about it.

Beleive it or not I spent a good twenty minutes of that train ride debating in my head the correctness of my actions. Finally I came to a resolution/ settlement. The correctness or incorrectness of my actions hinged on a vital piece of information that I did not contain,that information being,how much does a trash worker for the city of New York get paid.

I did some brief research and learned that the average garbage worker in New York gets paid $35,000.

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