Sunday, December 12, 2010

Inception Movie Revisted

If you have an active imagination or are interested at all in lucid dreaming. Inception is definately candy for your mind. I loved this movie and saw it more than once. The dream world has fasinated me every since I was a child. In fact I've been having lucid dreams ever since I was little.

My early lucid ventures were "basic". I was suffering from nightmares often,my mom of course being very religous would have me sleep with a bible under my pillow. The results were mixed so another thing she instructed me to do whenever I was extremly frightened was to call on the name of God. Apparently demons become very unsettled at hearing the name of God. Rather you beleive in Jehovah or not is entirely diferent blog. My very first ventures into lucid dreaming however often involved me praying and in a panic.

It wasn't till my early teens that I started taking full advantage of lucid dreaming....

At this point I could "take control" of any dream that seemed not right, nightmares had long gone. In fact I had turned into a sort of galactic trouble maker in my own right. In the dream world you are a god. Everything that is happening around you and to you is taking cues from your very thoughts and desires themselves. In a lucid dream you are creating and interacting with your inviorment at the same time.You have full power over everything.

I'm not talking about foggy/smoggy alternate realities. The lucid realm is just as rich in color,sound , and texture as waking reality -the place your in right now why you sit reading this blog. Imagine floating up from your seat right now and taking a trip to Paris ? Don't even get me started on the sexual stuff. Anything you desire to do or experience is yours.

Personally in lucid dreams I've given myself great wealth,slept with women of unimaginable beauty,slain evil monsters, helped others,fulfilled all of my mischevious desires as well. I can honestly say, I've been there and I've done that when it comes to lucid dreaming.

In fact I don't care to have a lucid dream these days - I prefer uninterrupted sleep where my mind is off , rather off as far as I'm aware. Over the years as I've become older ,maybe wiser, I can say that there is one thing I have always tended to find increasingly discomforting about lucid dreaming.

Ever drive to a busy shopping mall and forget where you parked your car ? Well, whenever I'm dreaming in a lucid state I can't help but wonder if my actual physical body is ok. Is my apartment on fire ? What if

someone is breaking in right now ? Am I dead ? I just get bombarded with thoughts of worry.

I think this is because for better or worse I've become more anchored to this world through  my children. In my youth I had no attachments to this life. I wanted to escape so bad. Not kill myself or hurt myself, its just I wasn't long for the belief system that had been instilled in me. This is really code about my religous upbringing and how trapped I felt in it. My desire to escape and be free and not be subject to a trigger happy God. It was how I felt about God according to my upbringing,that he was harsh and unreasonable,totally out of touch. I was naive in that regard.

However if you are anxious about having a lucid dream its definately worth having. These dreams provide an extra layer of insight as to who we are and our ultimate purpose, in my opinion. I have some theories I'd love to share with you sometime.

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