Sunday, December 19, 2010

Twitter Revisted

I have to be honest here. I really didn't get Twitter at first, whats the point of tweeting about everyday mundane activities ? Thats actually a trick question. A snap response might be, "its really lame to tweet about cleaning your kitchen" . You know, those types of tweets. Like, " I just picked up my daughter from soccer practice". I thought Twitter was mainly for that purpose and so I was thoroughly not interested, at first.

However if you go a little deeper with the concept you may start to notice some clever possibilities. Possibilities that could work well with your agenda. YES, its important to have some sort of agenda if your going to be on Twitter - I might even venture to say "a cause". Suddenly your a little cooler (depending on your agenda/cause)

The beauty of Twitter in my opinion is that it appeals to people out there like me who have trouble really developing and articulating thoughts "textually" - see thats actually what I mean right there. I think I said what I was trying to say but I'm not sure. Instead your given only 140 characters to express yourself,to share an idea,to promote or whatever. That works for me cause things start to get really fuzzy and unclear after 140 characters if your me.

With Twitter I can take a gorilla warfare approach to self publishing. I can put a thought or idea out there and just run away,call it a tweet,call it a day. Its wooooonderful. Over time there is a trail of tweets and if I tweet enough, rather I intend to or not,people are gonna start to get some basic insights as to who I am and what I'm about.

Tweets can also connect to a bigger picture, it really caters to all of our relatively short attention spans. If I ever really decide to start writing and developing blogs seriously - you would be able to know in advance rather you would enjoy reading them because you've enjoyed many of my tweets etc... twitter is just plain flexible and versatile limited only by your creativity and those 140 characters.

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  1. Love your "Twurb", which is a word I think I just made up for "Twitter Blurb" or the about me section. Thanks for the follow. :O)

  2. Your welcome !! Thanks for your comment - I know another who makes up words as well, I will check with her and see if your word is official lol...