Sunday, January 30, 2011

We Are So Bad, Part 1

The war of words...

I once told my ex-gf during a fight we were having,"Your always gonna love me, with me,you can just let your hair down and be the total bitch that you are, cause I know you get tired pretending for everyone else".

Seems lately people are a little more on edge, more prone to hostility,not always the violent kind but a more subtle yet menacing verbal kind. To be blunt, we just aren't saying nice things to each other, especially when we don't agree..

This tends to play out predominately on the web where people can sit in the safety and security of there homes behind a "handle" and just spew pure venom. Blogs,forums, even online games pretty much any setting that allows one to type and publish instantly what they are thinking becomes a vessel for hate speech,ignorance and just plain rudeness.

Its so bad that sometimes when I'm riding the train (especially a crowded one)I'll just face surf and say to myself,"oh I can totally see that guy being a total dick online". Of course I have no way of knowing for certain - Its just that, we don't act in public the same way we act online.

From politics to porn,the web affords us a medium where an extreme version of who we are can come out and roam free. Only the most severe infractions get any attention or condemnation from the public.

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